Welcome to Todd's RV Rentals located in Lexington, S.C. We offer RV Rental on Up Scale motorhomes, pull behind campers and horse trailers. Call 803-755-1666 for more information. Thank you for visiting with us and we hope you have a great day.
About Us                                                                     
 We are a family owned business located in Lexington, S.C.
 Our services include Luxury Diesel Motorhomes, Long Term-Temporary
 Housing Rentals, and Rentals on Horse Trailers.

 Our Goals ....... Provide top-of-the-line customer service; Make your rental experience 
 easy, fun, and hassle-free; Provide clean, well maintained RV rentals deliver excellent
 services at great prices.

Contact us at 803-755-1666

Business Hours [EDT] 
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM by Appointment 
Saturday By Appointment Only 
Sunday   By Appointment Only 


Luxury Diesel Motorhome Rentals                   Temporary Housing Rentals                Horse Trailer Rentals

 Contact us at  ...... 803-755-1666
 Email us at ..........ToddsRVRentals